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The World Cup Stage on Prizes of General Aslambek Aslakhanov

09.10.2012 13:00

The stage of a cup of the World – international sambo tournament on prizes of general Aslambek Aslahanov is held in Moscow on the 1-2 October. The competition is the final stage of the world Cup which will determine the leaders of the planet in sambo.

The tournament is held every year under the patronage of the Association of Law Enforcement Agencies and Special Service Officers of the Russian Federation. It is the important stage in Sambo standards promotion both in Russia and abroad. Nowadays Sambo is one of the most popular mass sports events developed in Russia. It takes the leading place as it actively contributes to the buildup of the personality and ability to defend adequately themselves and neighbors.

Dalil Skalli, President landlocked African Sambo Federation, President Sambo Federation Morocco: General Aslahanov is my best friend. I’m very happy to be here all time.

Oulauj Marouan, Morocco: People are good, gentle. And all things is beautiful in Moscow.

David Grigoryan, Armenia: The tournament is a prestigious, award is given for it in Armenia, with the result, of course.

Oulauj Marouan, Morocco: It’s my second visit to Moscow. I’m very happy to be at this big tournament. There is some strong athletes at this competition. And I will take my first medal at this tournament.

Eugene Borkov, chief referee: Today we have 16 countries participating. From abroad we have the most distant Morocco, Bulgaria, Romania, Mongolia. These are the strengths of the country that are involved in almost all the World Championships, World Cups and gain the appropriate places.

Aslambek Aslakhanov, President of the Association of low enforcement bodies and special services of the Russian Federation: We made the decision to promote sambo. We create two subgroups. In one sub-state struggle that developed Sambo, the post-Soviet space. And another , who also popularized, engaged, but there is no such a school, as we have.

Athletes compete for prizes in both subgroups. They are awarded small medals, and then the grand final. Organizers tried to equate opportunities. The tournament brings together the strongest fighters of the planet and that is the evidence of Russian national sport popularity and wide spreading at the international level.

Dalil Skalli, President landlocked African Sambo Federation, President Sambo Federation Morocco: Morocco now sambo level is very good. Its first in Africa and first in Arabic countries.

David Grigoryan, Armenia: Tomorrow, the world champion in 2010 will struggle to it, we have high hopes.

Viorel Ghyska, Sambo Federation President of Romania: Naturally we always come with expectations. We hope for all those categories that we bring, that we will be on the podium. But our big hope is Blyndu Andrew, 82 kg, bronze medalist of European Championship.

Kalina Stefanova, Bulgaria: I’ve already fight. I lost. I’m a little bit in shock. We came here it’s a part of our preparation for the world championship. To check in what kind of level we are. So, we are not very good. We are trying to get it ok to the world championship. I think it’s a great tournament we expect to have more competitors, more fights. But its not my day today.

Nikita Kletscov, Russia: Competitions were a little hard, because there was a long break between competitions, the last competition was at the beginning of the summer only. Therefore the state-competition a little lost. Well, a little bit hard emotionally there.

Anastasia Shinkarenko, Russia: I have already met with this Belarusian at another stage "Memorial Kharlampiev" I lost one point. And now I would like very much to win, and I gathered all the strength and did it. It was very hard.

This year, among the competitors as usual there were champions of Europe, Asia and the world. According to most participants, serious rivals of the Russians still have not appeared.

Oulauj Marouan, Morocco: I think that the Russians are so strong at this competition, Russia and Belarus, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. East Europe, it’s very strong.

Jack Kogan, PASF President: 19:44 Its not big deal who is gonna be in this because you know so far its still not international sport. I think its gonna be Russians again. Until everybody understands that sambo its not more Russian sport it was born in Russia. its heritage come from Russia. But now it should be international sport.

Dmitry Troshkin, head coach of the Russian national team: Of course, the Russian team is represented here great composition, so it is easier to fight. The Russians have an advantage, of course.

Dalil Skalli, President landlocked African Sambo Federation, President Sambo Federation Morocco: Russians, Uzbeks and Kazakhs too.

David Grigoryan, Armenia: Russians. I lost, in principle, the Russian. Russians are. - Apart from Russia who will be in the top three? - Ukrainians, Belorussians, mostly they are.

Expectations of athletes and coaches confirmed. The Russian team took the lead. Belarus and Ukraine have also been among the strongest. Wrestlers from Tajikistan, Armenia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania and Kyrgyzstan, including upped to the podium. The main thing fighters hope the next stage in the history of sambo development will be its recognition as an Olympics event. Hope justified as more athletes around the world join Sambo.

Jack Kogan, PASF President: Me and David Rudman, we started development sambo in USA in 2004. First American open championship it was only 17 participants. This year we have 200 participants from 14 countries. And now it has very good promotion, political promotion, because before name sambo, it was associated with dance, now it associate with sport.

Even Hollywood celebrities help to attract the largest possible number of athletes.

Jack Kogan, PASF President: Sun of Nicolas Cage, he now sambo player and participant of our championship.

The winners in the special categories were identified by the end of match play. Yury Rybak (BLR) was considered the best athlete, Maria Oryashkova (Bulgaria) was the best athlete. Ashot Danielyan (Armenia) and Romanian Eugenia Costache awarded the prize «Will to Win». Ilya Kokovich and Diana Aliyeva  Moscow sportsmen got the special prize "For the short fight."

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