Prospects for the development of Sambo and the basic principles of the IOC

Prospects for the development of Sambo and the basic principles of the IOC

20.06.2013 18:30

Sambo is a rapidly growing sport. Its geography has long embraced all continents.  And, of course, nothing is more prestigious for any sport than the inclusion in the Olympic program. For Sambo it is not only the recognition and promotion in the world, but also a powerful impetus to the development.

What principles should be followed in the structure of Sambo and what it takes to get into the Olympic family? Answers to these and many other questions will be looking for participants at the World Conference "Prospects of development of the world sambo and basic universal principles of good governance IOC and the Olympic movement and sport."

The conference will be held in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, June 21-23. Presidents and general secretaries of national sambo federations, and other guests will take part in this great event.

Don't miss out special reports from Kuala Lumpur on SAMBO.TV.

Information about the World Conference will be promptly added online on the updated website, as well as Twitter.

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