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23.11.2013 22:00

SAMBO Championship has finished in the Sport palace "Jubileyniy”. In the weight category up to 57 kilograms athlete from Georgia Vakhtang Chidrashvili and Belarusian Ivan Aniskevich met. When to the end of the fight was only 12 seconds,Vakhtang got a victory. In third place there were sportsmen from Azerbaijan and Russia.

Jondo Muzashvili, head coach of the Georgian SAMBO team: People are born with such character. He has anything that cannot be learned. You can learn how to fight, but such a spirit and desire to win cannot be taught. Our soirtsman has it. 

Magdalena Varbanova, Bulgarian sportsman, was fighting for gold with an experienced athlete from Russia Anna Haritonova in category up to 52 kg. Anna won through armlock. Armenian Sose Bolosonyan and Marina Zharskaya from Belarus took bronze.

Anna Kharitonova, Russia: At home we want to make the delight of the public all much better and more beautiful. 

In combat SAMBO Igor Severin, an athlete from Ukraine, fought in the final against Russian Imran Javadov in weight up to 62 kg. With a crushing score of 12:0 Imran won the fight. Bronze medals went to athletes from Bulgaria and Mongolia.

Imran Javadov, Russia: I fought for the finals with the Mongols. My knee hurt very much. When I was preparing for the World Championship, my first task was to lose weight. 10 kilograms, it was very hard. The second task was  to win. Thanks to all the viewers who supported me. 

Hashbaatar Tsagaanbaatar, athlete from Mongolia, has fought for gold with Belorussian Stepan Popov in weight 74 kg. The fight has become one of the most emotional for fans chanting the name of the Mongolian athlete. Judges announced the winner Stepan Popov. And the Russian Ali Kurzhev on his first world championship, won a bronze medal.

Stepan Popov, Belarus: I did not dare to do my signature throw, which I spent 2 points. Have you noticed the fight was equal. I either drop or throw him. In the end I had to take the risk and the risk was justified. 

In weight up to 64 kg Alice Schlesinger, athlete from Israel, and the Russian Olga Medvedeva met in the final. The fight was very tense. Hall actively supported Olga. But with a 2-0 sportswoman of Israel has won.

Alice Schlesinger, Israel: She is very strong and I know that she is very good in arm-locks and leg-locks, so, I was trying not to go on the ground. 

Alexander Turovskiy from Ukraine and the Russian Murad Kerimov fought for the highest award in the weight category up to 82 kg in combat SAMBO. The fight became very difficult for both athletes. Kerimov needed three times a medical help. And yet in the last seconds of the fight, he snatched victory from Turovskiy.

Murad Kerimov, Russia: Little time left. Psychologically it was difficult at this point to keep the score. So I acted tactically. I knew that there is a comment, I could still get out and then to wishstand. 

Lasha Guruli from Georgia and the Russian Vyacheslav Mihailin met in the final in weight up to 100 kg. Mihailin conducted since the beginning of the fight and finished ahead of its submission move, becoming the world champion 2013.

Vyacheslav Mihailin, Russia: Plans were quite different. A win in stance, probably. Throws, tactics. But on the groundfloor I did not tune. The athlete was stocky, it’s hard to climb, especially on painful feet. I'm tall, he is small.Moreover I do not fight on the ground. It was just a coincidence, I saw that there was a possibility. 

Marina Prischepa from Ukraine and Maria Oryashkova from Bulgaria competed for the gold in weight up to 80 kg. Ukrainian became the champion.

Marina Prischepa, Ukraine: Once I has lost in the fights with her and twice I won. I had a strategy, it worked, and then I just defended. SAMBO is a sport whicn allows you to defend yourself. 

In the final fight of the second day of the championship athletes met in the most prestigious weight category above 100 kg. With a score of 12:0 the Russian Kirill Sidelnikov had a stunning victory over Ruslan Aushev from Kazakhstan.

Kirill Sidelnikov, Russia: He probably did not expect. He thought, perhaps, that I would go more in beating technique. But no matter how it may sound sad, he may have more impact in the beating, so I took what I think I'm better than him - wrestling techniques. 

On the same day, there was a celebration of the legendary sportsmen, finishing their career in professional sport. 12-time World Champion Irina Rodina and 7-time champion Rais Rakhmatullin were handed the keys to the cars.

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