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06.11.2013 18:00

Fernando Compte launched the World Sambo. Strikingly, the founder of the International Federation of Sport, which is considered the birthplace of  Russia, was Spanish. Fernando Compte all life admired of Sambo and Russia. He even taught the Russian language in order to make speeches at the event.

Fernando Compte was born in 1930. Initially, he was appointed president of the commission for Sambo Wrestling Federation. He often spent his competition, dreamed that Sambo will be an Olympic sport. Fernando Compte department Sambo made from FILA. In 1984 he founded the Madrid International Federation of Sambo.

Eva Balle, wife of Fernando Compte: When I think about what Fernando has been enjoying all his life – the sport. Sambo. He was so happy with sambo always. He had good friends in sambo. He was always so active, sportsman. Two years ago he was travelling. We went to Beijing, to New York, to Pan-American Games. He was so happy always to go and to see his friends. 

Carolina Compte Balle, daughter of Fernando Compte: My father was a fighter. Really. All over the world he is considered a decent person. An honest man. The truest definition of him – he is honest. Of course, I had no such a great experience, like my father, but I have met many people in my life, and none of them was such an honest and conscientious as he is. He is a true friend. He always fights for what he believes and thinks that right. And, I think the most important thing that my father taught me, is to fight for what you believe, to love what you're doing. But do not step over people to achieve the goals. Going by the truth, honor. Without stepping on other people. Here's what I learned from my father.

David Rudman, the 1st FIAS vice-president: Fernando is an international sambo for me. If Sambo was the Soviet and developed only in the Soviet Union, I remember this moment, this time, with the appearance of Fernando we had the international sambo. There was hope for access to the international arena in the competitions; we could conduct our own world championship. It was even the possibility to go to the Olympics, because in 80th year in fact we could participate or get to the Olympics. But that did not happen, because we have no the leader that time.

Fernando Compte will be forever in the memory of all the Sambo community as a just man, who cares for his cause, active, has an incredibly warm energy.

Carolina Compte Balle, daughter of Fernando Compte: All I know about Sambo, I know from my father. I feel a great love for Sambo. Because, as I said, to my father Sambo is the meaning and the love of his life, so of course I love this sport. For what it is, what it was and I hope what will be soon. In honor of my father.

See soon documentary about the founder of the International Sambo Federation “In memory of  Fernando Compte”.

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