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18.10.2013 21:00

The first day of the World Combat Games brought two gold medals to the Russian SAMBO team. Elena Bondareva and Marina Mohnatkina won the top award. Both women were victorious, having painful hold. Moreover, Marina did it again with lightning speed.

Marina Mohnatkina, Russia: The World championship is ahead. The task was not to get hurt. Action plan in my head was such that as soon as possible I must win. If it turns out, why not. It was happened in 13 seconds, that's great. 

Elena Bondareva, Russia: Universiade, if you compare, like the organization is the same, but there was a full sport hall of people. On the one hand, you do not hear the coach, somehow it is unnerving. You try to ignore something from all this turmoil. The audience was shouting "Forward, Russia!" There was more relaxed, I think this is just the beginning. Tomorrow is Saturday, I think the audience will be at the event. 

Among the men in the weight up to 90 kg Ivan’s Vasilchuk victory should be called natural. Silver went to his opponent from Canada. And for him it is really a success. In third place there are Lithuanian Radvilas Matyukas and Nikola Milosevic, an athlete from Serbia.

The first SAMBO day has coincided with the start of the World Combat Games. The public noticed the fights of Marina Mohnatkina and Alice Schlezinger as the brightest. So, the opening ceremony is the next decoration of this day.

Among the 15 martial arts there was a demonstration performance of each sport. SAMBO made a splash not only because of the presentation of Ivan Morozov and Alexander Perepelyuk, the hall met with applause Ambassador SAMBO - Fedor Emelianenko. There are still 8 days of the Games, as well SAMBO waits the final day of competition.



48 kg
1. Bondareva Elena (Russia)
2. Galya Ivanova (Bulgaria)
3. Leila Abbasova (Belarus)
3. Maria Guedez (Venezuela)

68 kg
1. Marina Mohnatkina (Russia)
2. Ivan Yandrich (Serbia)
3. Marianne Davydova (Moldova)
3. Alice Schlezinger (Israel)


90 kg
1. Ivan Vasilchuk (Ukraine)
2. Emin Sheyhislyamov (Canada)
3. Radvilas Matyukas (Lithuania)
3. Nikola Milosevic (Serbia)

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