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26.07.2013 22:00

Sambo crossed the national threshold. This kind of sport spreads on all continents. And it seems there are all chances to reach the maximum point- to enter the programme of Olympic games. The number of clubs, federations- members of FIAS increases and with this increases the number of champions. However, sambo is still non-Olympic kind of sport. Why it is so- participants of the conference “Universal development of sambo” tried to clear up the situation.

Jack Kogan, president of Pan-American federation of sambo: The conference is being held with the aim to open and solve current problems that exist nowadays in FIAS, in every national federation. To share these problems and in order that we could come to the decision what we have to do, in the cadre of the conditions of the legislation of Olympic committee, not violating the requirements of our constitution, what we can do to improve the position and to get closer to our common goal- to be the participants of the Olympic movement.       

Vitalyi Zaslavskyi, general secretary of the Federation of sambo in USA: We all in our countries stew in our own juice, and it seems sometimes that only we have problems. And such conferences- are possibility to discuss them openly, and they allow us to see the scale of these problems. AndI hope that sambist community would help each other to solve them.  

Eduard Rudas,  president of the Federation of sambo in Lithuania: I would come to every place concerning sambo. Sambo interest-this is, I would say, not only my work, but my hobby, first of all. And I would like to see that sambo would become an Olympic kind of sport.  

Representatives of more than forty countries came to the Conference. This is more than a half of the federations officially registered in FIAS. In Kuala Lumpur they discussed not only perspectives of the development of sambo, but also things that prevents sambo development. Though, somebody would say: “ This doesn’t concern me, we are satisfied with everything.” But every year the number of countries increases where are created alternate teams of sportsmen, with substitutes-presidents, coaches and other members. As a result, only part of sambists of the country goes to the championship, and the remaining part continues to be puzzled: how they can pass for the next tournament and where they could get scores for the World cup ? Thus, in Asia and Pan-America this year were held illegal continental championships that don’t correspond the official competition schedule of FIAS approved by the Congress. 

Jack Kogan, president of Pan-American federation of sambo: The thing is that Pan-American federation passed through all these problems, with all violations that were structural, and the Olympic charter, and the Pan-American charter. Asian federation came across the same identical problems and so these are acute and urgent problems. We are not talking about that separate countries passed through this: Canada, USA, Great Britain, many countries of Indonesia etc. That is where undesirable federations are replaced and substituted and alternative federations are created in these national federations. That’s why people started to feel the activity of the present leadership of FIAS.     

Vitalyi Zaslavslyi, general secretary of the Federation of sambo in USA: The problem is –when people using interests of sambo as a cover solve other interests. And here the problem arises. If we think only about sambo but not about our personal interests, everything would be ok.   

Uryi Shilenkov, executive director of the Federation of sambo in Poland: I would say so, that all this reflects on our work. Because we digress on that things that should have been…Sambo is already 75 years- the history of this kind of sport is formed, traditions are formed, there is definite order, there is statutes of the federation, there are people that understand and know how to do it. And we have to study and take the best. Concerning the present situation, we have to make choice in any way, and this is not right.        

David Rudman, honorable president of FIAS: Public organization FIAS that unites all national federations has to exist according to democratic laws. Shestakov tried to establish his dictatorship. The decisions were taken only by one person although it is written in the Statutes that all decisions should be with signatures of two persons as minimum- president and general secretary.  

Representative of the federation of sambo in Syria noted: before the elections in 2009, in Greece Vasylyi Shestakov promised support of sambo all over the world, stood up for the development of this kind of sport. But words remained just words. In his opinion, Shestakov doesn’t only make any efforts but prevents others to make efforts too.  

Fazliddin Pulatov, president of Asian federation of sambo: In Lebanon was taken the decision to express distrust to Shestakov, all federations signed it, there is a protocol. Before the world championship in Minsk, more than 20 federations of Asia and Africa expressed their distrust to present president of FIAS Shestakov. But we wanted to make negociations, we are not supporters of war, we wanted to decide soberly but Shestakov, continuing to violate the Statutes, he wanted to liquidate us.    

Evgenyi Gloriozov, five-time champion of USSR in sambo: I’m about sixty years in sambo. I’m the bearer of such information…I suppose that nobody possesses such information about sambo as me, you understand. Sambo is my whole life. So when the case is about the lot, the destiny of sambo, it hits my sore point. This is mine. And I feel it everything with my guts. That’s why I came here, to listen to our present and current chiefs and pseudo-chiefs, how they see sambo. And I see, do you remember there was a song “And the commander is already in the saddle…”, so this song is about Ilya Lazarevich. That’s why I came here because sambo- this is my whole life and I think that Ilya Lazarevich thinks in the same way about himself.  

Ilya Cipurslyi, two-time champion of USSR in sambo: And I not only think so, but it is so actually. The thing is that according to limit, and experience that everybody of us possesses, and particularly, my own experience, stayng in sambo… The word “staying” is not a right word. This woed doesn’t give possibility to remain indifferent to what happens. At the present moment in sambo, as in social phenomenon, there is not everything right, there is disorder in management system that chairs and manages the federation of sambo. 

While in Seoul was held illegal championship of Asia, so called elected president of the continent of illegitimate Congres in Uralsk was on remand. Muslim Undaganov was accused to have stolen budget funds.  

Fazliddin Pulatov, president of Asian federatiom of sambo: Undaganov was the chairman of region sport committee of Uralsk, there were held world cups. And there was this lawlessness. Actually Uralsk has obtained such reputation, the city became so due to Shestakov, where the Statutes of FIAS is being violated. Kazaks are not guilty, sportsmen of Kazakhstan are not guilty, coaches, judges, representatives- they all are not guilty, ministry of sport isn’t guilty. The only unreasoned step of Muslim Undaganov, and I think that he repents in everything, this all lead to that Uralsk obtains such status, where all laws of FIAS are being violated.   

All existing violations of the Statutes of FIAS contradict, first of all, basic universal principles of management of Olympic movement. From one hand, many people consider rush for entering Olympic family exaggerated and unseasonable. But if such recognition of sambo takes place in 10 years, definite canons of successful sport- this is always plus and incitement for development and positive competition. But in effect, the principal criteria is the transparency of budget-it is absent in the sambo structure. However, there is some data. Improper application to IOC with damaged data about the number of sportsmen and other aspects- million dollars, and the debt of FIAS, according to reports,- more than 400 thousand dollars. Meanwhile, everybody is waiting when sambo will be entered in the programme of the Olympic games.        

Russel Dods, press-secretary of British Federation of Sambo: It would be great if sambo will be entered in the programme of the Olympic games. People will see what kind of sport it would be. This would promote sambo on new level. This will be good. All countries, all continents want to see sambo as Olympic sport.   

Alfredo La Mont, chairman of the Committee of sambo development in Pan-America: Three things are necessary: first of all, to be organized interior, secondly- recognition of IOC, thirdly- improvement. II think that we need at least 2-3 years. 

Uryi Shilenkov, executive director of Federation of sambo in Poland: Because Olympic movement, which sambo wants to enter, means such order that there are conditions. And concerning popularization we consider that when sambo would become really popular in Poland, Lithuania, Greece, America, then it would become Olympic. And it’s difficult to talk about creating superficially certain conditions for entering sambo. Now IOC is very selective to representatives.   

David Rudman, honorable president of FIAS: Everything was made solely. If even the second person read this application to IOC, it wouldn’t have been sent because it was in bad condition, and IOC refused us. Now we have to prove again that we are normal organization. He threw us for ten years back.

The result of the voting of the participants of the Conference in Malaysia was taking a range of decisions. Among them is continuation of improvement of the Statutes of FIAS, recognition of necessity to be guided in the activity of FIAS by basic principles of honest management of Olympic and sport movement, and also proposal to make amendments in the Statutes. Also participants of the Conference  recognized necessary to elaborate reglament for rendering material and financial support to national federations, that would exclude uneven allocation of funds of FIAS. As one of the basic principles of management of Olympic movement is transparency of budget, the participants came to common opinion that it is necessary to oblige the president of FIAS to present for national federations detailed report about financial activity of International federation for 2009- 2013. Participants of the Conference admitted that the policy of the president of FIAS Vasilyi Shestakov for creating alternative national and continental federations causes damage to federations- members of FIAS. As a result, it is necessary to make examination and to apply sanctions. One of the key decisions was to take all measures for consolidation of FIAS, not to allow its split and to provide protection of interests of its owners- national federations of sambo.   

Mihail Shultz, vice-president of FIAS: Situation for us today is under control. Now I will read the certificate of the lawyer who explored accounting report of the president of FIAS. According to information of doctor Andre Terlinger obtained on the 7th of May 2013 from Switzerland, the president of FIAS presented only limited that is not full report for audit of financial funds for the 2012 year. FIAS showed negative capital that composed of 465 thousands swiss francs. That is assets of 144008 swiss francs were exceeded by liabilities of 6091400 francs. This means that according to the report the dept of FIAS for other organizations was almost half a million of swiss francs,major part of FIAS depts., in the sum of 563 thousands, comes from the current account of preliminary office. But the financist doesn’t have the full understanding concerning indicated brief audit. We should listen to explanation of the president of FIAS concerning this issue.      

Pavel Gorodnov, president of Federation of sambo in Czech Republic: If we would also make this work passively, up to the moment we bring to reason Shestskov and those persons who help him, and there are such people, there would be nothing in the place of FIAS and sambo itself. That’s why I consider that we don’t have right to continue to behave so passively, we have to take active measures instead of passive protection. I would like to say a lot about Europe, sambo, European Union, but now we have to discuss absolutely different issues. We have to save sambo and FIAS. Only Congress could do that. The Congress that consists of representatives of national federations.Now I see a lot of federations.  This means that we, representatives of national federations, have absolute right to hold Extraordinary Congress. We are obliged to discuss this situation on this Congress. Not to hold a conference that could accept appellation, letter, recommendations, we are the power that is its owners and founders. And we have absolute right to hold this Congress. To discuss the situation and take measures that would block the actions of people that violate the law, insult you and me, because we elected them, because executive authority of FIAS should be executive authority. It should execute the resolutions and orders of the Congress that are approved. And now the Congress is only the authority that votes only for those decisions that are elaborated by the Executive committee and that are often not even elaborated, but are pushed for voting. Sorry, I’m very worried because I understand how the situation is very dangerous. That’s why I propose to hold immediately, if national federations support me, Extraordinary congress in order to take decision and block actions of people that prevent us. 

Evgenyi Gloriozov, five-time champion of USSSR in sambo: This is the answer to my question “What we should do?”. We are at the desperate border, we have two wayse: we would elect now new management organs of our federation, or we would split with empty briefcases. And we would say: “Yeah, we visited Malaysia, drank a cup of coffee, observed nature and went back home”.

But it doesn’t all end up on nature and coffee. Participants of the conference take decision to hold an extraordinary congress. They count the number of presented members of FIAS. Their legitimate status is confirmed. For the voting is put a question about pre-term cessation of powers of the president due to his absolute loss of confidence.  By the majority of votes (two persons- abstain) the members of the Congress powers of the present president of International Federation of sambo Vasilyi Shestakov are terminated.  Representatives of five federations propose to elect new president of FIAS- Mihail Shultz. There are no other proposals. The issue is put on voting. By the majority of votes (one person-abstains) a new chief of the federation is chosen- Mihail Shultz. He is a person who develops sambo, first of all, by concrete actions, secondly- he is a son of a sambist.  

Mihail Shultz: Thank you, my dear friends, for your trust. I didn’t propose myself as a candidate, but I agree with the opinion of the majority. And I want to say that if even we find a better president, and you take decision in his favour, I won’t prevent it any way, but would help to elect him. Thank you for your trust!     

Eduard Rudas, president of Federation of sambo in Lithuania: For me this forum was a surprise because of the congress that was held. This is a big stress not only for me, but for other participants I think so. And that the new president was elected –Mihail Shultz who…it’s difficult for me to speak Russian…who knows Olympic charter, principles of sport, and who leads us for this. I think that…there have been always conflicts in any time.  We live in the world of chaos. I think this is a new round in sambo development.  

David Rudman, honorable president of FIAS: By the way, in one dispute I tried to prove Shestakov that it is more profitable to know one more opinion. Because my own opinion is already known, but other’s opinion- this is interesting what opinion exists. But Vasilyi Borisovich wasn’t interested in other’s opinion. That’s all this lead to Extraordinary congress. This is natural, it should have happened.    

Clif Lou, president of Federation of sambo in Malaysia: I think that also as in every kind of sport, there should be good person that would develop this sport, would love it and nothing more. By this way we couldmoveo forward. We need a wise man. It doesn’t’ matter what kind of sport it is, Russian or other, it should be available for everybody. 

Felix Jim Rufus, president of Federation of sambo in Nigeria: Results are excellent. We all came from Africa, 3 representatives. We are glad for Mihail, new president of FIAS. Mister Pulatov made possible our participation in this Conference, we are very glad for that and we are ready to support these transformations and reforms.  

John Sharp, financial director of British Federation of sambo: New person in leadership, new ways of solving problems. With the new president sambo would develop in Great Britain and all over the world. 

Alfredo La Mont, chairman of the Committee of sambo development in Pan- America: I’m very happy. I think that these people would reach their goals. I am glad for what has happened. And I like to be the part of it all.    

Barend Iohan Boshov, member of Federation of sambo in New Zealand: It is difficult for me to decide because I am out of system. I observed the work of congress and I understood that there is a lot of enthousiasm and ginger in sambo. This is good. There are always any political disagreements. But enthousiasm leads the sport by good road.  

Kalad Alb-Hadidi, president of the Committee of sambo development in Jordan: Election of a new president is the best thing that could be made for the development of sambo. It is very important what kind of person we have elected. He should be connected with sambo, he should be a sportsman in the past. I think he would work for the progress of sambo. 

Mohammed Sheih, general secretary of Federation of sambo in Palestine: The Congress was very important. This is a significant event- election of a new president of FIAS. He could make again sambo united all over the world.  

Also on the Congress were elected in addition to three existing members, except Shestakov V.B., other members of  executive committee and control-revision commission. The process of reloading is launched.

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