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Fighters from 14 countries attended this year the world Cup Stage on prizes of President of Kazakhstan. Its one of 4 Cup which will show who are the leaders in the world ranking in each weight category. Here, in Uralsk medals will be awarded for men, women and in three weight categories in combat sambo. 

6 th year in a row the World Cup in Kazakhstan causes the pendulum responsible Sambo Tournament. The beginning of the season is always difficult in terms of the training of athletes and the financial side. And yet, in Uralsk sambo wrestlers came not only from Asia but also from Europe, where it was extremely difficult to get.

Vasily Perchik, the jury chairman of the World Sambo Federation: Kazakhstan is fighting with all its strength, the Russians leaders all came. Basically, the main part of the whole is here. Major countries, as you see, is as a residual. Beginning of the year, all business is in finance.

Asylbek Kakenov, coach Sambo Republic of Kazakhstan: Beginning of the year, you know, it's hard, but everybody try to come because the level of competition depends on the countries that are coming.

Following the tournament in team scoring places were as follows: gold again was at the tournament hosts, the second place was taken by the Russian team, and the bronze went to Bulgaria.

Moon Chong-Keum, Korea Sambo Federation President: There are a lot of athletes from countries where Sambo is well developed at this tournament. Kazakhstan, Russia, mostly. We lost to Russia, for example. Sambo shows itself much more powerful sport than judo.

Mikhail Martynov, head coach of Moscow: Kazakh athletes are much more than other visitors guests. That is, they take the number. Then, the national team of Kazakhstan has never been an outsider; it was always in the lead of the world sambo. They always have champions of the world each year.

7 stages of the World Cup will be held during the year. The final results will be determined according to the results of four of them. The prize fund will be: gold - three thousand dollars, silver - and a half thousand, and Bronze - $ 750. Decisive tournaments will be held on four continents: Asia, Europe, Africa and Pan-America. After the winners will be announced in the overall standings in each weight category.

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23.06.2014 12:00
В Литве прошел «Кубок Паланги» по САМБО

В Паланге, курортном городе Литвы, прошли финальные поединки «Кубка Паланги» по САМБО.

Кубок Паланги по САМБО
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Кубок Паланги по САМБО

В Литве прошел II Кубок Паланги по САМБО. В нем приняли участие спортсмены из 8 стран, среди которых Грузия, Латвия, Литва, Польша, Россия, Чехия, Швеция и Эстония.

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Завершился командный чемпионат по боевому САМБО памяти В.И.Панкратова

13 мая 2014 года завершился командный чемпионат ГУ МВД России по г.Москве по боевому САМБО, памяти генерал-лейтенанта милиции В.И.Панкратова.

Двойной юбилей Евгения Глориозова
25.04.2014 12:00
Двойной юбилей Евгения Глориозова

6 апреля в спортивном комплексе МГУПИ торжественно завершилась спартакиада по самбо среди воспитанников детских домов, школ-интернатов и кадетских корпусов на призы профессора Евгения Глориозова.

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